Medical Malpractice

Hudson, Potts & Bernstein continues its stellar reputation in one of the most significant areas of our practice: The defense of medical malpractice claims. Unfortunately, lawsuits have become a part of practicing medicine. No matter where, what or how a physician may practice, it is very likely that he or she will be touched by a lawsuit. Our group of medical malpractice lawyers, offer the collective experience of having defended hundreds of legally and medically complex cases. We provide preventive legal representation whether our client is a witness, a party, or the subject of a claim or investigation. In addition, as the constantly changing tort laws continue to alter the landscape of medical malpractice litigation, our doctor and hospital clients have increasingly found themselves entangled in commercial and contract disputes. As the frequent mix of both medical and business issues has grown and come to impact the practice of medicine, Hudson, Potts, and Bernstein provides the highest quality representation in these areas as well.

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